International Exhibitions

All year long we strive to find new trends for you!
Exhibiting at national and international trade shows throughout the globe, constant analysis of markets and products is our aim.
We like to help you to find the desired wood species, profiles and surface treatments for your mouldings.
Always ready:
Solid market knowledge and activities
for your and our joint success!


Merchandising & Service Concept

We will glady support you in presenting your mouldings, putting high efforts and personnel in optimizing all processes around mouldings.

We order directly at your Point of Sale (POS). This transaction can conventionally be carried out by paperwork or electronically by MDE editing. We will then deliver punctually and with a fixed rhythm, if you prefer. The goods will then be integrated in your shelf system by our personnel.

Additionally labels will be checked and replaced, if necessary. If there is a defect moulding in your shelf system, our staff will take it out and prepare a credit note.

Finally, our staff places a new order after filling up your stock. The circle of perfect service starts again.

Presentation Design

Take your benefit out of our know-how!
We offer a hassle-free service concept to you:

  • Individual consultancy when planning your presentation

  • Fast, straightforward and punctual make-over of your existing presentation

  • Regular inspection and modification of your product range

  • Flexible Design and tailored presentation Add-Ons

With our services, you can show vast competence, even in small outlets.


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