For three generations Sörnsen timber mouldings has offered you a large range of quality products.

We produce various kinds of timber mouldings in all species you can think of.
If you need a special skirting or moulding to fit your hardwood floor, we are the industry professionals to produce it for you. Wherever you may be in the world, our efficient logistics enable us to deliver promptly.
Production competence and marketing know-how merge into our traditional enterprise.

So come and choose quality with Sörnsen timber mouldings made in Germany!



Johannes Soernsen, master of carpentry and founder of Soernsen Holzleisten had a great idea: Producing Mouldings. Initially, he started in a small village in the north of Germany: Lindau in Schleswig-Holstein. Mainly carpenters and other professionals were his first customers.



industrial production was shifted 10 km away, to Suederbrarup. Soernsen started to deliver to the first DIY-outlets. The founder"s son Georg Soernsen, had just accomplished his studies of reengineering and returned to the family business.



Georg Soernsen became owner of the company. His main emphasis was put on optimizing the production. One of Europe"s largest manufacturing capacities emerged. Installing barcoding enabled Soernsen to supply large distributors.



a new distribution channeling was conducted. Marketing became a main priority. Full-Service with rack-jobbing was demanded by customers. Sales to small carpenters and other professionals were reduced.



The third generation joined the family business: Robert Soernsen finished his MBA-studies of international management in San Francisco. Customer Care and Marketing were regarded as the major competences.
Soernsen Holzleisten achieved a leading role in Germany"s moulding business.



Europe-wide marketing and sales were launched.
Since then, export has increased steadily.



Soernsen Holzleisten is a moulding manufacturer with a vast product range, dedicated customer care and a renowned service.
Special profiles or wood species, full-service with rack-jobbing, designing or CAD are standard capabilities.
Soernsen Holzleisten: Mouldings worldwide.



TREfix: Staircase renovation system...

...since january 2005 we have been offering the renowed TREfix system: This staircase renovation system helps to regain full beauty of your old stairs without dust, high costs or hassle. For further information please check: www.trefix.de





Soernsen takes over its long-time supplier Derboben Holzimport GmbH (Hamburg). Derboben offers sawn timber and edge-glued panels for interior fittings, furniture industry, stair construction as well as moulding- and flooring production. A huge stock guarantees fast deliveries.
Find more at www.derboben.de




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